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Thread: New AO Promo

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    Cool New AO Promo

    I've made a new promo for AO (not official, yet). Check it out!
    (Not intended for 56k Modem user, only broadband users - DSL/CABLE)

    -= Mercury Dragons Clan =-

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    Nice But..

    I like it alot, BUT:


    Omni-Tek rules with anything BUT a heavy hand.. give me a break..Sure 10 years ago according to the time-line, but face it. Boss Ross has cut so much slack to the clans that it borders in ludicrious. You make this sound like SWG where is the Evil Empire vs. the Rebels - that just is not true. It might have been part of the original Funcom plans, but clearly it has not come to pass because the majority of RP'ers are taking on the stance that they work for mega corporation trying to make a profit in a crazy world and have nothing against the clans. Not exactly the makings of a great evil empire....

    And the Clans *are* pretty damn close to independant. [See Tir Accord] - the fact is the clans want to push Omni out and rob their citizens of indepedance, this makes them the aggressors not freedom fighters. [And yes I'm aware the huge 3% of the game player base that PvP's occasionally attacks clanners unprovoked, it works both ways].

    Anyways I guess my point is, the flash is cool but the wording simply is not true from a RP perspective [or at the very least is one hell of a stretch]. Perhaps a slight change in wording would make it more appropriate to the actual current RP situation?

    At any rate I do applaude your effort, its the better of what I've seen so far so by all means keep doing it!



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    It was meant to be not just an AO Promo, but a clan side promo, if I'm provided a few good screenshots from Omni side I'll do a promo.

    -= Mercury Dragons Clan =-

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    Thumbs up Great

    That makes sense then, look forward to seeing it. [Why do I have a feeling I'm not the only one wasting time at work reading AO forums].

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    Film director extraordinairre RandaZ's Avatar
    I like it. Beautiful screenshots too. Makes me want to put on my hiking boots and go out there and explore again.

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    I have a screenshot!

    I'm usually running around taking pictures, I need to get some cleared of my hd

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