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Thread: The AO Roleplayers Bible

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    The AO Roleplayers Bible

    I have been roleplaying since around 1996. I started off in small Chat Roleplaying Sessions on AOL. Then It progressed into a larger picture, until around 1999 I had been roleplaying everyday. I love roleplaying, its somewhere you imagination controls and its amazing. Do things you cant do in real life. So, like all the roleplaying games I have played, there has always been rules or a "bible".

    I now ask for your ideas to create this, but please dont overfill this post. Email ideas to

    On these ideas:
    Combat(Using the /me to inflict damage)
    Permanant Death(After so many Roleplaying deaths, you have a permanantly dead character)
    Resurrection(If your Roleplaying Character dies, how would you resurect them)
    Hit points(How would we determine hit points in Roleplaying combat)
    Marriage System(How would marriages be set up?)
    Hacking Systems(Suppose you didnt know somebodies name or information roleplaying wise, how would you set it up to "hack" their information?)
    Hacking System Hit points(How many hit points would it take to iniate a hacking?)

    I want to establish certain can and cannots for all classes. If you have any ideas on these, let me know. I dont want soldiers going around hacking people.

    A court system(An accused criminal could have a trial, and a jury)
    A Jail
    Lawyers(A certain role to a person wishing to defend someone)
    Alignment and Bounderies(I dont want every Omni RPer going to Neutral Territory always killing Clan Rpers)

    I *try* to organize events on Rubi Ka 1, and people actually do come. I go by the name "Monilith".

    I want to have organized events, but not too many. The magic of roleplaying comes in meeting someone on the steet, not in an organized event.

    Perhaps we need an in game meeting to discuss some of the dynamics of the Anarchy Online roleplaying system. But we cannot have this meeting until we have ideas.

    Please email me with your ideas:
    Or /tell me in game, Ill most likely be roleplaying so please put ooc: Monilith

    Thank You Roleplayers!
    Bump for the cause.

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    *Give me some feedback*

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    I hail from the Star Wars Galaxies roleplaying boards, and have been with them for nearly a year. There, as is here, your are roleplaying out stories and characters with others. There are no hit points or combat damage. It is like a story.


    Treven rounded the corner with deafening speed, irridescent bolts of death sizzling by with meere inches to spare. His hazel eyes were wide, fear and suprise swelling within them. His freighter jacket and matching attire were dampened with cold sweat, his forehead shimmering with the reflected light of the floor-built glow-panels. Drawn and readied into his right hand was held his back-up pistol, his mausser lost just moments ago; broken and ruined. Bolt after bolt passed by, promising unto him a swift death. Rounding yet another corner, jumping over an over-turned crate, the fixer's shoulder was impaled by a well-placed blast, burning through his jacket, under-shirt, and flesh. The force of the bolt sent him sprawiling happlessly apon the ground, pain striking throughout his body with a fury.

    Blackness slowly crept up over his eyes, and his sences whent dull. The last thing his groggy mind could register were the tireless footsteps of his pursuers; closer and closer...


    See? No point damage, just realistic damage. Like a story.

    You write out your posts as if you were writing a book, posting what your character does and how; interacting with other people and there characters.

    The way you hurt another persons char is by both parties (you and the person your attacking) are fair. Say, if one of you were cowering in a corner, no defences whatsoever, and you shoot at him with a gun, he's gonna get hit. If the guy roleplaying the 'cowering' character somehow writes his way out by saying something like: "He miraculously dodged the bolt, spun up and kicked his attacker in the neck." That would be UN-fair, also called godmoding. You NEVER control another's character unless given expressed permission, and when you attack anothers character you never say it hits or where. You say where you AIMED it, and WHEN you fired. The other person decides, fairly, if it it and what happened.

    Sorry if thats confusing, Its late and nearly me bed-time. Hope it helped!

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    I come from a different side of Roleplaying...D&D which is fantasy and not science fiction. But the logistics are the same, and i see what you are trying to do here. Ill help with combat and so on...but it would be better to talk about this than to post it. Ill be online as either Darkfallen or Elayda, so either give me a /tell or ill try to find you. Maybe we can get something up and running.

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    Yes, you dont need a hit point systems to SiM. Simming is just acting out with DETAILED roleplaying some sort of action. But If not detailed enough, I wouldnt count it. It would be a mode.

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    Non-fatal death is part of the story on Rubi-Ka. It's in OT propoganda and everything. The only way you can have a fatal death is if your insurance is hacked which obviously would require the consent of the person being perma-killed.

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