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Thread: [Request for Information]: ICC Contract Information

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    [Request for Information]: ICC Contract Information


    The Intergalactic Council of Corporations (ICC) Contract on Rubi-Ka is an essential document in understanding our planet, its conflict, and its politics. It defines the rules and policies by which Omni-Tek is required to operate in ordet to maintain its control of notum resources on the planet.

    So far, the most recent settlers of Rubi-Ka have only been given a small glance of this very large document. I would like to find more.

    Therefore, I'm issuing a request for any information related to the ICC Contract on Rubi-Ka. If you know of anything beyond what I post here, please post the information or mail it to Thank you.


    Here's what we know currently:

    From the archives of TrueSpace Network (TSN)
    By Peter S. Homer of TSN 29442

    To explain how the politics of the ICC have been employed to balance a very delicate situation, let us examine Rubi-Ka.

    The planet Rubi-Ka is a galactic power center, only because it is the sole source of Notum, the vital element in the Nano-Bot production, in the the entire Galaxy.

    When Omni-Tek® secured itself the lease-ownership of the planet, it was before other corporations knew anything about the Golden Red Dust of the so far unattractive planet. When ICC realised the enormous hold Omni-Tek® would get of the Intergalactic (IG) market they started to sanction the hypercorporation.

    Even a hypercorporation with the internal strength of Omni-Tek® still depends on access to markets on the planets owned by other companies. Under such pressure, the unwilling Omni-Tek® yielded to ICC, granting restrictions on what they could and could not do.

    These were set down in a 6,730-page contract, but can basically be summed up in the following points (this was in the year 3563):

    Omni-Tek® gets a free extended lease of Rubi-Ka for 30,000 years.

    Omni-Tek® gets sole ownership and export-rights to the planet's Notum ore.

    Omni-Tek® will adhere to the Notum pricing standards set by the ICC.

    Omni-Tek® will not persecute inhabitants of Rubi-Ka, who normally would be a free people after 5,000 years. (The normal span of the ICC Solar System lease rights. This clause has led to the interesting rise of something called "The Clans".)

    Omni-Tek® will let other companies freely settle on the planet surface to conduct research.

    Omni-Tek® will let all Nano-Tek® patents be freely available for reproduction with the standard profit margin allotted to the company.

    All this has made Rubi-Ka one of the more interesting places in the Galaxy...
    Tom "Davyn" Gabriel
    Titan Mining, LLC

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    6730 pages?

    /OOC Do you really want Funcom to come up with 6,730 pages of party of the first part, party of the second part leagliez?
    It would take 4 years to create, edit, and cross referance it so that it doesn't contradict itself 3000 times over.
    Then it would take you another 3 or 4 years to read and understand it.

    Now if you just want a bit more official info on the contract to help you with acurate roleplaying, I'm all for that

    /IC I'd love to see that as Omni Tek has (as we all know) followed the contract to the letter, and that the clans are only the puppets of SOL Banking Co (tm).
    General Blyzzard
    Division 9
    Strat Ops

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    Exactly, Wyndrunner...

    I'd never expect the full thing! I'd just like a 'brief' that's more than this short summary. Maybe at least a more 'official' version.

    The Contract is a central issue in so much that happens, and as a mining company, one of our faction's goals is to monitor and police adherence to the contract both inside and outside Omni-Tek.

    We keep and update what we call the 'working contract' on our site, so any tidbits we could get here and there could help flesh out more about what we do.
    Tom "Davyn" Gabriel
    Titan Mining, LLC

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