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Thread: Is there an explanation/story behind Home?

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    Question Is there an explanation/story behind Home?

    Having just raised my Computer Lit. above 250 I took the grid to "Home" in Broken Shores for the first time. I think it may be the coolest city/town I've seen yet. But what is it home to and why is it there? Is there a story behind it? Here are some things that puzzled me during my visit:

    1) The guards are Clan aligned yet as an Omni player they don't attack me.

    2) There seem to be Clan and Omni mission terminals here side by side, I've never seen that before.

    3) The guards look different (painted faces with a "tribal" look)than any I have seen before both with my Omni charaters and Clan.

    4) There is a huge temple that looks out over the town that you can't go into.

    5) There is a large, isolated pyramid behind the town's temple surrounded by water that you can't even get to much less find away in.

    Is there a rhyme or reason to this place? Can anyone shed some light on the above observations and/or add some of their own?


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    Bad form replying to one's post but come on, no one knows anything? No one has an interest or comment? Cosmik, comment? For such a tight, advanced, explored world I sure wish there was more history...

    How about the symbols on the stones in the structure right outside of Home? How about the symbols on the walls in the village in Twilight/Cosmik Fields? Similar?

    Ponder, ponder....


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    Up is that way ^^^^^

    Time for someone to answer this, since I'm wondering this myself as well

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    Me too, what gives?
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    I can answer the two basic questions, but you'll have to ask a Dev or Cz for the story-based queries.

    1. Home is a 100% zone - no attacks possible.

    2. Home caters to all factions.. but why this is so I don't know. More profit in having a heavy suppression field active and much trading afoot, perhaps?
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    I remeber seeing on an old Rubi KA map how the floating city of Jobe was marked as only a little south of Broken Shores / Home. Maybe Home is a sort of Trading Post for Jobe? That would explain why OT and Clan are both tolerated in equal amounts in a city whose purpose would be only to be the only link between the mythical Floating City, and RK mainland.

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    Home guards used to attack Omni players before it went 100% suppression gas.

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    So anybody got an idea what the story behind the pyramid is?
    It's even shown in the animated movie, but nowhere it's told what it's about.

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    Cool Re: Is there an explanation/story behind Home?

    Originally posted by Tause
    There is a large, isolated pyramid behind the town's temple surrounded by water that you can't even get to much less find away in.
    I heard a rumor that you can actually get to the pyramid - in an unconventional way. Every so often I poke around the circumference of the crater lake; but haven't found a "weak spot" yet.


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    Fly up, over an invisible barrier that surrounds the lake.

    There is nothing at the Pyramid - no doors - and it looks better seen from a distance, believe me. Quite deceiving. For now ?

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    Isn't there a large pyramid shown in the Shadowlands advertising that's up right now? Perhaps the pyramid will end up being where the Expansion territories begin. Not including Jobe, which would instead probably be linked to from elsewhere in Home.

    And perhaps pre-expansion Jobe-gear will leak out through the Home shops.

    It's a thought.

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    They said that the ferry or shuttle to Jobe would be located in The Reck which would also be released in the Shadowlands.

    Still curious about the history of Home and it's Priests and religion.

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    Cant we just Nuke Home to hell, so many bad guys there, we do 1000.. of missions there every day, and it havent goten any bether, why not make a new place to park my yalm, i hate Home more than anything, but if you whant to do missions it is hard to get ppl going other places, im glad i RP more than i do missions now , but ask an high lvl guy about his feeling about Home, unless he is a "uber lvler" or dosent give a **** about RP.

    Im glad the 14.5 came , nice whit some boss killing even though i die most of the time, and the bosses needs like 3-5 good teams.

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    Actually with the release of one of the last patches I heard that cracks formed on the Pyramid. Now I can't say as I never visited the Pyramid before, but as of this point I can confirm you can get to the Pyramid and can actually get inside. But what is inside is rather boring. You have to weasel your way through one of the cracks and up near the top is a room that has Blueish walls and floor. You can fall down out of that as well and down below is a just a normal room that is made out of the same material as the pyramids. I'm not positive but I don't think you are supposed to be in here as it looks like you are looking through walls.

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    I can verify that I just flew into the pyramid. Not too interesting except there's a swirly thing up cap of the pyramid. Looks kinda like a swirly Whom'pa blue. The music in there is the same as Neleb's chamber.

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    Swirling Blue = Whompa = Portal?

    Wow, I'm not used to being even partially right.

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