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Thread: Discuss: 13.8 Fixer and Trader stuff

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    ive heard something about trader shops beeing in the special shops...true? already written it somewhere in this post? what items are there in them?proffesion specific stuff?

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    cross post from Fixer's board

    What if the AOE Burst didn't lock Burst, but only itself so that you could use it and Burst independently. It would hardly be overpowering because the AOE burst wouldn’t be used as much for fear of breaking roots. It would reward players that could manage to only fight one mob in an area at one time by using tactics like long pulls. That would solve a lot of Fixer's problems with AOE Burst.

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    Traders are NERFED

    Traders are so totally nerfed I am going to quit.

    I am a L65 Trader and I still can't equip the QL200 Tranquil Home Defender that another Trader gave away because they just had too many credits I guess. I am forced to use a QL 161 Safe Home Defender. That's not even a round number! Where is shotgun mastery for Traders? Nerf!

    I can already cast all the deprive/ransack/plunder/divest nanos available in the Superior Stores. Now I have to buy them on the open market or do smash and grab L118 missions. What a joke. Nerf!

    Now that the amnesty ended I cant go to Tir to "3 shot kill" some clanner newb fool enough to enter the Arena with a trader. So I am stuck with a Freshman title. Nerf!

    Yesterday, I was in a mission with 3 yellow orange mobs in the first room (you know those kind). I mesmerised one while I was hitting another for my 2k criticals and 700 regulars. I had trouble mesmerising the third mob and in the delay I was forced to heal myself! I only have this crappy 340 point group heal - I am sure docs have way better. I actually had to leave the room and come back! Nerf!

    Funcom you need to do some serious work on the Trader class. Maybe some profession specific weapons that only Trader can access. That might help. We could make more money that way and perhaps get better trader weapons so we dont have to do crap damage.

    Apart from the really high damage output, the roots, the mesmerises, the deprives, the wranges, the group healing - we have some serious problems.

    Suggested improvements :

    - Shotgun Mastery - an extra 50pts would just be dandy
    - Pet Guarddogs - we need pets to guard our merchandise, they dont have to be as powerful as Engineer pets - Crat pets would be fine
    - Proper Healing - our healing spells have a residual dot effect - turn it into a hot instead
    - Money - traders are supposed to the masters of making money, we need double cash loot per kill, double prices for sales, and half prices for purchases

    This would go some way to address the major flaws in our class. Thanks for listening guys.

    We love your game!

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    Damn your right Girltrooper, I stopped playing my Trader alt for those very reasons.

    Why does FC have to always nerf Traders, why can't they pick on some uber class like Fixers instead.

    I wish FC would get a clue.
    Ye Olde and Original Founding is BACK !

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    Originally posted by Crin
    I have a request for items in the Fixer's shop. Have them be unusable until a DNA lock is placed on it. When that happens, the item will become NODROP. Fixers would do this to ensure that there would always be a market for their goods. It’s sleazy, underhanded and the Fixer thing to do.
    one of the better ideas I have read...
    just thought it deserved another read

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    DNA idea.
    "Defying authority at a place near you."
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    Girltrooper, I sincerely hope you were being sarcastic.

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    if she isnt being sarcastic, i feel sorry for her.
    Frelo - Level 29 Fixer (and loving every minute of it)

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    I'm sure Girltrooper will agree with me that Fixers and Adventurers are too Uber, they are the most Uber classes in the Game.

    Poor Traders are the toughest class to play and are always getting nerfed. Funcom should give Traders some love instead of giving Fixers all this love that they really don't need.

    Sarcasism is a wonderful thing.
    Ye Olde and Original Founding is BACK !

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    Hm, I thought this thread was supposed to be discussing area burst and the fixer/trader shops?

    Area Burst
    Ok, so it seems there is special ammo for an area burst. Has anyone on test tried it out and seen if
    (a) it locks normal burst
    (b) recycle time?
    (c) does your weapon now list two ammo #s, one for ordinary ammo and one for 'area burst' ammo?
    (d) how big an area, and how much damage?

    Fixer/Trader Shops/Kiosks/Vendors:
    Other than special ammo, and a cloak, what else is there?
    Can an engineer break into the fixer shop (if all it needs is B&E) and then beacon warp everyone in his group into the store?

    Stay on target...

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    I only know there is not just ONE new cloak but several diferent types and available in different colors.

    I've seen on the test server 4 different cloaks (different requirements - same ACs)

    so long...

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    Originally posted by Forth

    Area Burst
    Ok, so it seems there is special ammo for an area burst. Has anyone on test tried it out and seen if
    (a) it locks normal burst
    (b) recycle time?
    (c) does your weapon now list two ammo #s, one for ordinary ammo and one for 'area burst' ammo?
    (d) how big an area, and how much damage?
    Stay on target...
    here is what I have heard.... (havent tested it and there is info on the fixer boards)

    it locks normal burst, but if your burst cycle is shorter than your aeburst cycle you will get your normal burst back first
    recycle time is 90 seconds I think
    the burst ammo is a seperate chargable ammo used in the same way as a martial art attack, only requirement is bust skill.
    are is dependant of ql and so is damage... but at the moment it is less than normal burst and even less on the other targets that are not the main focus.

    I will check my info and edit it if it is wrong. but this is what I have heard so far (you will find out in a few hours anyway )

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    Great for the fixers! finally they are something else than olympic runners! not that i have a fixer..YET

    but hey! remove the Traders from those shops! they have all they need! wrangles and other buffs. leave the illegal stuff to the fixers! no i dont play trader either. but why should i play a Fixer and get runbuffs and illegal access when i can play a trader and get both wrangles, traderbuffs and ****loads of money due to that AND illegal shops..come on!

    Agent not: Heck yes! i have requested that alignment change nano for some time now, i meen whats the use in infiltrating another clan?? ohh they have so and so members,. ( shows on the site)

    2 things:: Agents should have access to Clan channel if infiltrating another Clan
    Agents should have change alignment nano to infiltrate Omni/Clan
    but yes..Agents should not be able to go neutral!
    And yes changing alignment for agent will provide ability to don Omni only items!! otherwise its a pretty good "test" for a "new" member( actually an clan agent): Hey newb, try this ql 1 omni only helmet! oops no i cant wear that low!?
    ya RIGHT! Clannie!

    "all your base belong to us"

    Kaitlin "Crimsoneye" Western

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    hey crimsoneye,

    fixers and traders get different shops with different stuff in them.
    I am guessing that the trader stuff is legal

    I hear there are some profession specific weapons in their shop

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