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Thread: Dust Brigade EVERYWHERE...

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    Dust Brigade EVERYWHERE...

    Yesterday I did a fair bit of Whomparing around the place doing missions for glorious clan central (and getting sc***ed out of my money but thats another story) I went to Athen, Newland, Most of the locations in Tir county. I noticed something worrying, there were 3 or 4 (didn't look that closely) Dust brigaders outside athen, another couple in Tir near free trade, one outside newland, and one ath the outpost in striking ant forest.

    Personally I have nothing against the dust brigade, as long as they attack omnitek I support them. However I thout the council of truth had made them personas no gratia... Shouldn't the gaurds have been nuking them? what about all of the clans who have pronounced them dead on sight? I mentioned it on the clan channels but no one seemed to care..

    This complacency worries me.
    The Returned.
    We we're dead and now we are not... go figure.

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    Oh, how you feign ignorance. Or, you're too low on the totem pole to be in the know. Nonetheless, this is yet more confirmation that the Dust Brigade is a *clan* controlled entity. Before I wised up and joined Omni, I too ran into Dusters in and outside of NLC not long after the first attacks there, and even got to speak to one (I guess his bloodlust was temporarily in abeyance at that point). When asked why did his comrades attack neutrals in NLC, he told me that neutrals sit the fence too much and needed to be brought in line. Oh yeah, scanning him for info showed his side as most definitely CLAN.

    If you are concerned about the Dust Brigades, realize that your clan superiors won't lift a finger because they are behind the Dust Brigades. If you nonetheless want to do something about this menace, I suggest you get a hold of an Omni-Tek employment application form and fill it out ASAP. We'll be more than happy to welcome you back to the fold.

    To all neutrals reading this: take note of my experience. The Dust Brigade is a clan conspiracy aimed at YOU, and only Omni-Tek has the strength to put them down once and for all and keep Newland City and Borealis safe. Realize that we are on your side, and the clanners are your enemy.
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    Dust brigade

    I have seen aload of DUST BRIGADE about and they are a CLAN guild, but you will find that the one causing all the trouble are a non aligned faction so they are not Clan or Omni which means they are in fact a Neutral faction.
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    Two questions-
    If the DB are CoT controlled, why would they instruct them to attack clan leaders?

    If the DB are CoT controlled, why would they instruct them to attack Omni leaders? Peace is certainly the best option for the CoT, so why would they go and ruin it like that?

    Unless you can answer these questions with a logical answer, I am inclined to think that they are controlled by OmniTek, if anyone. OmniTek can use the DB to gain support for them throughout the galaxy. They can use the support to try to eradicate the clans. The CoT on the other hand, woul merely lose support. It is infinitely more logical that OmniTek would control the DB than the CoT. However, while I propose this theory, I truly believe they are backed by no entity on RubiKa. If they are backed by anyone, it might be a foolish attempt by Sol Banking or such to hurt OmniTek, even though in the long run they would be helping OmniTek. So, no, the CoT would not be as stupid as to support something which could destroy them. The clans need unity and the DB will certainly not unify the clans.
    In light of this proposed theory, it would appear that OmniTek has far more reasons to employ the DB than the clans, as it will disunite the clans, make OmniTek look better, and make the clans look worse. And if you believe for a second that OmniTek is above killing its own to further the company, you are naive and brainwashed by none other than your "beneficial" lord and master, OmniTek.

    My Thoughts,
    Bliqz: "anything Uwen says is a vicious and ugly lie"

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    Omni-Tek would definitely be the one handling those DB. They are ready for anything to come to their ends and will keep up their propaganda to keep up with the good image. Bad information is bad for them, and we shall come with solid proof someday so everyone knows Omni is the true enemy.

    Another theory could be that the DB are simply lunatics with a dust to dust concept... Beware if you approach them, as they could insta-kill you!

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    Your questions are easy to answer, Uwen, but first one of your assumptions must be demolished: that the CoT is in charge of the clans. The CoT are the face the clan put on their violent anarchy in the attempt to convince civilized folk that the clan lands are ruled by something resembling an orderly government. This facade crumbles when one examines recent history. The CoT have been unable and/ or unwilling to do anything about a number issues arising from the absence of governance that affect the rest of Rubi-Ka, the most recent of which is the CoT's inability (or unwillingness) to cooperate with Omni-Tek in the investigation of terrorist acts against Omni during amnesty and the Sabulum debacle. The CoT has never been able (or willing) to rein in murderous figures like Redruum.

    So you see, the CoT is irrelevant. They do not have the real say when it comes to clan affairs so what allegedly is in their interest really doesn't matter. Now that we can see clan affairs in a realistic light, we realize that the Dust Brigades are merely the latest, if better organized and financed, iteration of the same clan madness that has manifested itself before in forms like Red Freedom and the Clan Anarchist Syndicate.
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    Yep. CoT is pretty much irrelevant, but please dont get started on Redruum... Yes, he's a madman, but is your dear Aberic any better? At least no one pretend that they control Redruum, or can be held responsible for his actions. He's a independent clan leader, so he doesn't have to obey either CoT or us.

    And yes, if you scan a DB commando, it shows 'Clan', but that doesn't mean they're on the same side as us

    They attack neuters on sight, and have absolutely no problem with fighting clanners either.

    Next time you see anyone from DB, please inform a clan leader, and with any luck, they'll be killed in no time

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    Never when you want them

    Why is it seems the "Dusters" always come out about 2 hours after I've snuggled into bed in my apartment with my "leet" dolls and "childhood memories" and never around when I'm actually scouting for them.

    Since the "DB" and cut down many of the Clan faction leaders, demonstrates their true lack of alligience to anyone but themselves and whoever is behind them [holding the purse strings].

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