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    Freedom Arms

    I was having a discussion on the clan ooc channel on what the best pistols were cause i am thinking of starting a duel wielding pistol adventurer. A lot of people said khemos were good but from what i heard freedom arms were the best pistols. So i brought up the topic that i heard that freedom arms were the best pistol. Suddenly I read something shocking on this, someone said fc took freedom arms pistols out of the game. Now if someone could please respond on this topic. I am curious. if this is true, why would fc take away the best pistols when pistol wielders are already doing bad damage compared to other classes guns?

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    FA's were removed because of all the *****ing and whining carebears...

    Of course once you take out one gun they just move onto the next big thing (read: vektor shotguns).

    FA's were a bit powerful, but you really payed for it with the MASSIVE IP sinks or ranged energy, multi ranged, and flingshot.

    They are godlike in lower levels, but because all those skills are darkblue to most of the wielders they really started to suck around levle 30-50.

    Really the only ones that could viably use freedom arms past elvel 50 were adventurers and soldiers...

    Funcom really phucked up. THey caved in to the n00b players b!tching.

    However... FA's WERE a bit too powerful to be sold in the shops,... but here is no reason to remove them from drops, chest loot, and mission rewards.

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    Well ty for responding. Yes i see that there a bit powerful. But to take them out of the game altogether is kind of a mystery to me. Guns that are that good should be uncommon ( only found on monster, chest, mission reward, etc.), not to buy them in stores cause then its just cheap and way to common to find people using them.

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    Im still curious about this.

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    Anyone found a monster for a special 2hb weapon?

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    Well, they are very uncommon now. My newbies pass them down like family heirlooms
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    Have you seen the trade chats lately? Ive seen some 'FA' show up again and they're damn nice FA 3927 Notum something I believe. I saw a ql 120ish. Asks for Pistol, Fling Shot, Ranged energy. Damage was something like 12-97 (430ish) Attack speed 1.35 Recharge 2.50
    Ammo don't remember. Well this is good news. Bad ones, I don't know where we can find them; I don't know at what ql they appear and if they cap sooner than lvl 200. Energy Damage I recall. Other bad thing: I wasn't stubborn enough to remain stupid any longer and gimped my adv by leaving behind the pistols to go shotguns. I'd double gimp myself if I go back pistols. Great I'll just have to reroll 3 months of wasted gameplay. MAKE UP SOME IP WIPE SYSTEM DAMG IT!!!

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    Speaking of FAs...

    I have a bunch of Freedom Arms pistols QL36 and below (pairs) on my old NT. I had two QL43 FAs and sold them for a paltry amount right after they were removed from the game. Well, seemed like a lot of creds then, but looks like pocket change now. Oh well.

    Anyway, nice guns, but I pretty much gimped my NT by using them (of course I didn't raise the multi-ranged skill after they nerfed that!), and I do believe the damage was reduced since they were taken out, but I don't know because I haven't used them in a while. I switched to a khemo-tech after I gave up the FAs and was less than thrilled with the damage. Plus I couldn't multi-wield, which helps a ton (ah, the good old days). And I really missed being able to fling.

    If I ever play my NT again, I'll be switching to a shotty, most likely an electrical pacifier. Makes sense seeing that I already have ranged energy and fling. Only thing I need to worry about is shotty.

    I'm not betting on an IP reset. And none of my characters will EVER use pistols again. I'm hesitant to jump on the shotgun bandwagon, because I was burnt once, but such is life.
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    FAs aint removed from the game. they still exist. I have a QL165 FA myself. They are just taken out of the stores and missions but alot of pioneers should still have them because they were pretty popular in the early days of the game.

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