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Thread: PvP is easy: use NPCs

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    PvP is easy: use NPCs

    Was trying to get my 20K XP home from a bugged mission yesterday and wandered into 2HO. There were only reds there and I had my healing pet trained on me, so I thought I was lucky. I noticed there was a guard attacking clanners but I figured they had been stupid enough to attack her. Then she turned her guns on me and I died quickly. In the seconds after I killed her and before I zoned back to reclaim, I saw her giving amnesty offers...

    Gotta love exploiters, at least Funcom certainly seems to. All they would have to do is station someone to see these things and then publicly ban 3-4 and others would get scared. This has been around a long time and they have shown they couldn't care less.


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    2ho and NPC PvP'ers

    Yes I was there for quite a while. There were at least 10 omni's covering the grid exit and I don't know how many on the whompah exit.

    I was able to take out a couple of those pesky omni. I finally died near the helipad to a female corporal. Didn't know they had stationed any guards near the helipad. hmmmm.

    Got screen shots of my death. Funcom has stated that training guards on players is illegal yet they won't do anything to stop it. If I am dumb enough to aggro those guards on myself then so be it. I deserve the trip to reclaim. I did not do this, but I still have to put up with it.

    As I said, there were at least 10 omni at the grid area and the only way they could manage to get me was to pull the guards. I'm level 47 I must be one mean agent.

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    Try taking some screens and writing down some names. May help. Usually when they get warnings they stop. Until they hae found a better solution maybe uphold political zones around grids/whompas, cause this isnt gonna stop. When are out for blood and see the enemy spawns infront of you, are you supposed to ask "Ready to fight?" or what. Im not a big PvP, mainly cause of this.

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    She is the same one that got me. Post your experiences in the exploiters forum. I did so and received a quick request for more information. If nothing else they will see that it wasn't an isolated incident.

    I've asked them to station an invisible GM there one night for a couple of hours to watch. I think they would quickly see who was doing it and then could publicly ban them, which would dissuade other exploiters.


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    Angry Spawn killing

    FC has officialy stated that if ur spawned than ur leagal hunt...
    That is pretty lame, it acctualy means that if someone can tab u they can attack u.
    This **** aint about PvP, so pls FC make spawnareas at wompas & grid safe zones.

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    uhm, making the grid and whompa exits safe zones isnt going to fix things there bud. everyone would just stand in the safe zone, and the second you left it 4 other ppl would leave it with you and kill you. Why dont you come up with a real solution Frodur. Also, if you dont want to be pvp killed, dont go into pvp zones. That alone will fix your problem.

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    Unhappy safe zone

    I understand ur one of the guys getting theyr title from killing spawning ppl. Did i mention that the spawn should be like 2 square inshes? They made MMD a safe place to spawn in after gridding there why not other areas, after all this is one of the things that has made 13.0 go live. And i in fact knew that when i grided or used wompa into ex 2ho i risked getting killed as i spawned and i did not mind i took the risk and still are, but tons of whiners out there just expecting to be able to walk around after spawning and not getting attacked.

    And what uterly crap to claim that killing spawned ppl is PvP, man get real thats not PvP...thats just a easy no risk kill for those camping.

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    Lightbulb AMEN BROTHA.

    "And what uterly crap to claim that killing spawned ppl is PvP, man get real thats not PvP...thats just a easy no risk kill for those camping." -- Frodur

    I know all u peaceful clans people feel the anger seering when getting whacked after sponing into 2ho; But we're peaceful, we don't like to attack, that's not the game for us. Anyways, we can't. And once we did kill them, we wouldn't camp the spon like them, we'd let it be free, and they'd come back and camp all over again. Also, I can't find anywhere besides 2ho to get a mission.

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    This is all legal

    I had quite a long conversation with an ARK and GM last night in 2ho. I just wanted to get these issues cleared up for me. Tired of the "crap" associated with the camping and the guard pulling.

    My issue was with the guard pulling. An incident earlier yesterday when I entered 2ho and was outnumbered 12-1 I wasn't grid camped. Seems that most of those omni were over my level. I was able to seek a better vantage point. I did come under attack by a soldier. I was able to send him running but couldn't finish him since I won't chase anyone to the whompah.
    This aggro's those guards and I have no chance against them. A few minutes later I am near the barracks by the grid and that soldier's name pops on my targeting hud and I go into auto combat. Next thing I know I am being pounded by a female corporal. Where the crap did she come from. I am at this point still the only clanner in the area. Ah those 12 omni needed reinforcement against this one sole lvl47 agent.

    I must be the meanest agent on RK1. Point is. I recieved no response from this ARK or the GM to indicate that this tactic is in anyway illegal.

    So folks suck it up. Grid camping and guard pulling is legal and acceptable strategy. Learn to live with it or stay out of 2ho.

    P.S. The one response I did get was to please send a feedback email on this because "this is a new issue" and we'll have to look into it. Well this tells me that since it isn't a new issue that FC does not, I mean not, want to address it. No reponse equates to legal. If you don't make it illegal overtly then it's "legal". Heh.
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