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Thread: The Fremen And their Purpose

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    Originally posted by Madgadget

    LOL!!! You started the war kiddo, don't try and pawn off your little prepubescent rantings on me... Go ahead and let the testosterone flow though buddy, we have no towers lol!!! Weee... I am starting to enjoy watching you make a complete and utter ass out of yourself thus proving the fact that most modern clanners are nothing more than mindless thugs who want no peace, no treatys and no diplomacy of any kind... thanks for the laugh buddy...woo
    One, I did not start the war. I random attacked you, Then you decided to insult me. Then I started the War.

    Two, I don't care if you have towers, I will take any down that will ever come up, and if i here a forsaken had helped defend a base, i will make sure that base falls, in fact I might decide to give neutrals a 0.00% xp bonus.

    Three, Next I will like to know how i am making a Complete and utter ass of myself, because As i have read the forums, and i am sure many agree, the attitude you have shown hasn't been any better than the people who say, "Don't Roleplay. It cramps my playstyle". IF you do not see why it is pretty much, you saying, "If you attack me, You have to Roleplay, or you just a stupid kid".

    Sounds the same for me. And yet again you group all clanners together. At the Time, of this writing, i have practically called a cease fire between the Fremen and Omni, just to make sure I kick your butt, so your "rp" time is poor.

    AND Finally, Learn economics, or talk with a gm about Money. See if they can put it thru your head, about why they would do things like add Notum Wars. I can wander a guess, oh Anarchy Online, was losing massive amounts of playerbase and they had to think of a way to bring them back, and add some more. Even then my local store only put the copies on a bottom shelf, hiding behind others, THE DAY OF RELEASE.

    And You know what, No one wants peace with people like you in a game, because you are annoying. You want Funcom to change the rules, so Neutrals get the bonuses without doing anything. Why would we want peace with you, at least we are willing to defend and conquer for our bonuses. Not just sit and pout in a corner.

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    Re: Stupidity

    Originally posted by Ramaladu

    One, I did not start the war. I random attacked you ... Then I started the War.
    What? You didn't start the war, but you did? I'm confused.
    Bliqz: "anything Uwen says is a vicious and ugly lie"

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    Re: Re: Stupidity

    Originally posted by Uwen

    What? You didn't start the war, but you did? I'm confused.
    Plz Uwen, Take whole quotes of sentences at least , not just a little. I said, I random Attacked His Base, since I did, which is what he is calling the start of the war, then He insulted me in the other forum, because of it. Then I started the war.

    I hope that clarifies.

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    I was only taking the relevant information I needed out. You said you didn't start the war but you did. Him insulting you doesn't matter. And if you "random attacked" him, you sure as hell did start whatever war is going on between you.
    Bliqz: "anything Uwen says is a vicious and ugly lie"

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    My point is, I wasnt' roleplaying really when I attacked him. And trust Me, I lost.

    Also, I was just trying out to see what tower battles are like, and like i have said, A Raiding guild, not out for a full fledged war originally. A raid implies, a hit and run, not necessarily full destruction. I would have attacked an omni base, but I didnt' know which ones were ready to be attacked, I only happened to see that one was by doing a mission next door.

    Then coming on here, and being formerly insulted by him, since i didnt' roleplay around him, i didn't play around his playstyle, and Acting like i didn't know anything about the game, That was a full declaration.

    The difference is, Raids dont' have to lead to Wars, in fact they lead to apologies, and misunderstandings and not a lot of good, but I knew i wouldnt' accomplish much, and come on it was a lvl 20 base.

    But If you Insult the Leader of a country or Organization, that does usually lead to war, ((afterall, look at Present time, due to Oil, and the fact that his Daddy didnt' finish it, Bush will go to war.))

    Or in a lesser degree, try this for proof. Go up to somebody and call them something indescribable. See if they punch you, or tell you to F off. Guess what pretty good chances they would.

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    Originally posted by Uwen

    -OmniPol shot my dog for alleged terrorist activities
    Bad Dog!!! Bad Bad Dog!!!



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    Originally posted by Serath

    Bad Dog!!! Bad Bad Dog!!!


    Arf arf! -dead-


    Bliqz: "anything Uwen says is a vicious and ugly lie"

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    Re: Re: Ahh, Good.

    Originally posted by Madgadget

    ... we have no towers lol!!!
    hmmm.. that's weird. because just a week ago I took part in a tower raid with some random ppl. Achtualy I thought we were going to kick some omni ass. But anyway, a bunch of ~20lvl ppl atacked a lvl20 tower.. and suddenly a whole mass of lvl 180+ were runninmg around teling uss to stand down and asking who we were and if we were at war with the forsaken.

    btw this was south of boeralis. Sure you don't have a tower there?

    ...and if you're still wondering, no I am not at war with the forsaken. Like I said. I wanted to kill omni. not neuts.

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    Hello Finne, Does this mean you worked together with the Infamous Brega . Heh, He used to have that base, but i believe what happened is it got out that there was a neutral base in holes in the wall, that took about 15 minutes for people to respond to, and they decided to hit it the next day, My only wondering is, that a neutral base stands in its place, so did neutrals attack neutrals?

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    hmm... the name does ring a bell achtually. But I'm not very picky with names. I am always ready to fight side by side with any clanner.

    neuts atacking neuts? It would appear so if there is a different neutral tower there now.
    And I am very sure we didn't manage to bring any towers down on our small (~20 ppl) raid, so someone else must've done it.

    That would say quite a bit about how neutral the neuts realy are

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    I may not (read: probably don't) have the full story here, but this is what seems to have happened from this bystander's POV.

    To start with, The Forsaken had a small base there and seem to have been the original owners of the claim. There was then a period when their base was attacked by clanners every single night until it fell. The base was then taken over by another "neutral" org called Not So Neutral. The clan attacks mysteriously ceased at this point, and the base was not attacked by clan forces while under Not So Neutral's administration.

    My conclusion around this time was the NSN was a front org, about as neutral as the Sentinels. I could have been wrong, but it did seem to fit the observed facts. My second conclusion was that neutral orgs didn't have the cash, the numbers of the high-level patrons to compete effectively in tower fights, and I turned my attention to other things. That was a couple of weeks ago, at least.

    Today I noticed, much to my surprise, that there's another Forsaken base in the same spot. If The Forsaken turfed Not So Neutral out of the spot, well, Gratz to 'em. If they enlisted some sided muscle of their own to assist, that seems to be par for the course in these little disputes.



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