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Thread: Soloing and Teaming (the conclusions)

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    Lightbulb aimed shot etc.

    Surely aimed shot should work just like a normal attack, but doing say 25% extra damage and have a fair bit higher critical chance, reduce the delay a bit and it would be fine (no doubt the actual numbers would need played with).

    Fixing conceal is not just an agent 'fix', so that can be done once you get the method right, not just when its time to 'fix' agents.

    Some class' main weapon categories are not very strong, so some boosting would help many classes, though those with powerful heals, pets etc don't need that so much.

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    i feel the need to point out that agents do not have "crowd control" abilities because there is never a time when an agent is not in false profession.....that would make us "really" useless.....not to mention the agent roots don't do a damn thing......especially in missions..........

    ex: root away to avoid death.............mob teleports through table,then wall, then water leaving him just past the label on your underpants and you wake up at reclaim.....

    that is .......if an agent ever got to use a root..........

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    Good post

    All in all, a really good and informative post. It was a pleasure to read it

    Now, I will not say that much about what is written, we all know it will look different in the finished patch, and if people do not like yer ideas when they are live, we all know how badly you will be flamed for it. Theory and reality are two different things in most patches here. But I really liked to read the theory...

    Now, Docs, adventurers and MA:s, and their heals... Wel, I play a medium level doc, and a good one at that, and I have started an Atrox Adventurer.. Yes, Atrox are superior in most occupations, no matter the lesser nano pool. For me, I like the balance between them in healing.. Of course docs are better healers, but at the same time, hardly any use in combat with dark blue weapon skills. An adventurer though, with light green weapon skills, is really a good PvM fighter, and at the same time a capable healer... More balanced, and more versatile. If they had any better heal, no one would ever use a doc in team, or have need for a doc. Docs die in combat, adventurers kill. So the healing balance is really ok, at least for me. Adventurer though, could really get other kinds of nanoes, more in line with their occupation. Charm Animal (that is animal not monster or mutant), for their own time based pet, 1 hour charm on one animal or something. Either succes against nano resist with or without modifier or aggro against caster. Give me that Leet!

    MA heals I have no experience of, more than low level, since i have tried all occupations. But on a scale I would say

    Doctors: 90%heal, 10%fighting.
    Adventurers: 50%heal, 50% fighting
    Martial Artists: 20%Heal, 80% fighting.

    That is, in the feel of the class, how players use their character.
    So heals for MA should not be even secondary, maybe third place in their priority. So not much more than self heal, really, to keep themselves going and going and going and going... Like a bad HongKong-movie. Slam me to the ground and I will just jump right up!
    Same thing there, rather more class specific nanos, like.. Just an idea that popped into my head... Treasure only attacks, maybe ten different ones, but REALLY low finders percentage, make them really hard to find and almost unique for the ones that find them. So that almost no one has two of them, just happy to even find one. These attacks should be VSA, or Very special attacks, like.. Five hit fist combo... Double roundhouse kick with backflip... Juggle three rocks in the air, then sending them flying agains the opponent, the famous jumping up in the air, pause for five second to straighten your tie, fix your hair, brush your teeth and have a cuppa cofee, then a split kick. Things like that.. Make them danm Martial artist.. artists..

    Ok, Now I am only letting my mind wander sorry about that..

    Anyway, good post there.. Keep up the brain storming, and maybe things will work out in the end.
    So many chars it is impossible to list them all...

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    Originally posted by rorthron
    Original article:
    An adventurer with high nanoc-init can heal almost as good as a doc today.

    wow your adv must be uber or something... treatment stack? with minumum heals, its almost impossible to heal like a doc.

    Do you have an adv? ~ and at least over 70--80..

    anyways, i don't really care about the heals, more of the other problems realy with the adv. heals can come somewhre close to the end.


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    Lightbulb breaking nanos idea

    OK, can we have a 'device' to break hostile nanos, that CANNOT be used in combat, that or significantly reduce some of the durations, particularly on the snares, more than 2 minutes is not needed (and you could give them a lesser time if cast by MOBS only). Then you can remove the debuff 'exploit'.

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    Unhappy Soldiers

    I would just like to say....

    Soldiers, Im 160+ I have ql200 weapons, armour etc, yet I cannot solo a ql130 mission.

    Every Green NPC is likely to kill me, even some greys. Unless I mk every kill, wait 2 mins and repeat. 1st aid is not sufficient against a npc that hits for 200 minimum damage every hit.

    Yet again soldiers do not get a mention...

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    Re: Re: Re: Hunting Grounds

    Originally posted by Detonate

    Dropcid = Level 62, this is his highest level character. He has no idea what 100+ is like. Please disreguard is uninformed ramblings.

    Now I would also like to say, WTF? Martial Artists, Agent, THEN Adventurers.....

    I would like to direct you to the link of my guild First Order, the Largest AO guild in the game, PERIOD!

    Everyone is playing a MA, Agent, Enforcer, and Soldier. Why??? They are by far the least broken, best classes in the whole game.

    See the little bars down there, the professions very few people are playing. THOSE are the ones you need to focus one. THOSE are the broken professions that time forgot.

    Adventurers, Fixers, and Bureaucrats <---- Needs fixing NOW!

    And I like the idea about monsters remembering and hating you. Only thing I don't like, is that they will eventually start giving you more XP. This just gives people and even BIGGER reason to camp Mobs... Try this on for size: The longer you camp MOBS, the more "skillful" you are at killing this paticular mob, and the LESS experience you start to get. This will give you a reason to leave a popular spawn in search of better XP and throw some variety into the mix....
    The two classes mostly needing fix is MA and Adventurer, don't shed any other bull****. After that I would say Fixer, Agents and NTs should be in line. Fixers are not gimped, they are just boring. You don't have any major flaws, there is nothnig promised you don't have, but I agree that you need somethng to keep the game entertaining. NTs are supposed to be -the- damage dealing class, but we are currenlty just a support class. This need a fix. Agents seems fairly ok, except some sneaking problems.

    Rk1 :: Abasin :: lvl 72 clan nt
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    Re: Re: Re: Re: Hunting Grounds

    Originally posted by Illuvatar

    The two classes mostly needing fix is MA and Adventurer, don't shed any other bull****. After that I would say Fixer, Agents and NTs should be in line. Fixers are not gimped, they are just boring. You don't have any major flaws, there is nothnig promised you don't have, but I agree that you need somethng to keep the game entertaining. NTs are supposed to be -the- damage dealing class, but we are currenlty just a support class. This need a fix. Agents seems fairly ok, except some sneaking problems.
    Don't forget Crats!!!

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    Re: Re: Re: Re: Hunting Grounds

    Originally posted by Illuvatar
    Fixers are not gimped, they are just boring. You don't have any major flaws, there is nothnig promised you don't have, but I agree that you need somethng to keep the game entertaining.
    So glad you enlightened me. Now that I see the light, I have no idea how I could have come to that conclusion.

    I guess all the upper level Fixers that have spent months building their character are throwing it all away and quitting because it wasn't cool anymore. Yea that makes sense.

    Now where exactly did I put my super duper thing-a-ma-jig.

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    Exclamation more love for the fixers, ...

    just wanted to add another voice to ...

    - - - P L E A S E F I X T H E F I X E R S - - -

    with a cherry on top

    larSonny - lvl 36 neut fixer

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    Encouraging info...

    Firstly I feel for all you fixers out there and I sincerely hope you get all the lovin' you deserve. Apart from that I would have to say that this kind of concrete info has been a long time coming and it's good to see (continue like this...). As for the changes they all sound good to me BUT please take your time FC and get it right from the beginnig! Don't give us a patch that'll need to be re-patched later cos' it's ful of bugs (we have seen this already).

    I really hope you guys will be able to get those team missions going

    All in all good luck to you FC and keep us INFORMED about anything that changes =)

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    Mr Gaute Godager,

    Thank you for your follow up.. but what it was for, I have no idea.

    ** They are still valuable skills, but not omnipotent. (I remember seeing a level 16 agent doing more than 4000 points of damage in an aimed shot...) Having tried fixing for instance the Fixer or Agent, does not mean we have a profession that is finished in balancing compared to the others. We will most likely come back to them very soon. The next profession we are improving in ability is the Martial Artist. After that we do the Agent again, and then most likely the Adventurer - maybe the Nano-Technician? (There, I mentioned it **

    Lets see.. 3/4ths of your follow up, was directed at what a Agent can and can not do.. or what you see as they should do. And also within this short paragraph, you speak of what you will probally most do.. there is mention of ALL professions with the exception of one other profession... a DOCTOR. This game, does have a Doctor profession in it. Patch after patch after patch, there has been new additions for e****ally 3 other professions, and now with your follow up.. help in-line for the others, excluding the Doctor. Why is there no help directed for the Doctor ?

    You have mentioned that you have seen a lvl 16 AGENT show a Aimed Shot of 4000 points of damage.. well, that is a known fact.. it is very easy for low lvls ( such as lvl 16 ) to have good damage shots. AO makes sure to make things easy for the lower lvls to keep them in this game of Funcom's.

    Ok, Mr Godager.. as per your own words.. and with a copy and paste here.. ** After we listen to what the Community team tells us, we start to investigate. We do this by testing, listening, asking and searching. ** .. then will you please live up to your statement here and as you also said.. ** Testing: We test by pulling "real" random characters from the live servers onto our in-house servers. We have a little tool that copies a character we from live (except names) ** and accept my invitation to take my chr.. Rosey, who is a lvl 129 Doctor.. and see excately what her limitations and abilities are as a Doctor ?

    *** The more complex AI will not mean the monsters go after doctors more, then hit all the team members with lowest levels and lowest amount of hit-points, then attack the tanks. Of course not! The more complex AI is meant to make it more fun, not frustrating! ***
    Please Mr Godager, where is the truth in your words here ?

    Why is the Doctor profession not given the same consideration as the others ?..

    Thank you for your time,


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    Now that was truly good Gaute, the kind of thing that gets my attention again and inspires good feelings for Funcom and the team. Why? Because there is sooooo much explanation and REPLY to expressed concerns. Obviously you guys really are listening, but it's so rare that you actually show it like this article. It's always nice to see some of the game mechanics explained too, and although some people will undoubtably focus on the Agent explanation I was impressed with the shear number of topics discussed.

    I'm all for the "short-term-family-memory" thing. That's a great implementation that is far superior in my opinion to the simplistic "faction" system EQ uses. No one should ever be penalized for life for something they did one day (in a game). I'm not a big RPer, but I imagine it also adds a nice element of "reputation" or something for them to work with.

    I'm also all for the more advanced boss AI being restricted to only bosses. It would be a nightmare to go fight the same old yellow and suddenly find they have chain casting powers or something. On the other hand it'll make the bosses more challenging and a greater threat. Adds a bit of the "oh crap, oh crap, kill it now, forget the rest!" panic that gets the blood flowing again after sitting half-asleep in your chair for awhile.

    I'm personally all for upping xp in relation to added abilities, memories, whatever. You can make it Jet Li as long as I get a level of xp for killing it. One of the great constants in gaming is that players always find a way to win. Always. And I personally don't want monsters with more HP. That's BORING. It's the exact opposite of excitement. I want them to do something strange and unexpected. The first monster/npc that ever kites my pets in a circle around it's frriends (like I do to them with my pets sometimes) will get some admiration from me. Make 'em smarter, and be creative.

    Lastly, if the "Dyna-Camp" ever happened, well let's just say that sounds so promising that I'd restart a cancelled account just to see it in action. Your job of course is to actually bring these topics you discussed to life so that my account (and those of others)doesn't ever get cancelled from boredom in the first place.
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    Question Somewhat part of the topic

    I didn't see anything about Enforcers in there except this:

    "Barely have time to sit and use the treatment kit before some hyper soldier or enforcer is racing off after the next target. Just relax people, it's not like it's a game or anything." As long as you are free to choose, I guess it's OK."

    This kind of worries me because it's implying that the Soldier and Enforcer are godlike killers that can go on and on. This is probably due to the fact that Enforcers swinging beams and hammers are really "tearin' it up" out there. Does this mean the Enforcer changes of the future are going to 'nerf' this character. If so, what of the Edged weapon Enforcers? Yes, I am one of them, and quite honestly its tough as hell to advance without assistance most of the time.

    My point is, I hope that they are as thorough if not more with examining this profession as they obviously have with the Agent.

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    Welcome, ah welcome. An Enforcer with Edged weapons is a beautiful bad sad thing. Especialy if you wield an Energy Blade. I hope Enf get nerfed so only edged and melee will survive, preventing a reroll of myself. Enf w/ Edged/melee will have a very tough time for ever. It makes more sense that a broken chunck of metal will always do more damage than a sharpened blade that electrocutes the target. ABout Enf running off to the next target, i've done that alot. Kill, move on, kill move on, then my group gets lazy as *&^* and I find myself surrounded by the strongest mobs in Lush Fields with no Heals or Support. Enforcers are a support class, not a solo class. (imo)
    -- Falling never killed anyone, its always the landing.
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    I think that you must make an alterntive to Lush Fields (like the first poster mentioned) I'll also add - Add this new lush field in a natrual / Clan area, omni alredy has one, why won't let rebels enjoy the huge amount of exp there?

    Just A suggestion

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    Bureaucrats are still far from "fixed" or "balanced". Our charms and fear lines are completely and utterly useless during the title caps that take place. For the last 18 levels since level 81 I've been useing a level 83 charm that has since wore out by level 90. I am barely getting by on greens in my missions and yellows are uncharmable to me. The result? I can't do even con missions.

    The psychic checks hit a bit too harshly much like the agent's conceal nerf. Don't fix us halfway and then move on to fix the other classes more throughly. :\
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    Re: Soloing and Teaming (the conclusions)

    It was good to hear from you again! Many new ideas and thoughts! I have a comment on this allso:

    The article states: "I'd like to get some more feedback here, also from the Doctors. How much better can we make the Adventurers and MAs without infringing on your territory?"

    My answer is, ADV and MA (or if it is ENF) is allready good at healing, so they should not get anymore. I'm lvl 92 Dr. and i know of some that can heal just as much as me (team, direct, hp team buff). If they get any better doing that, whats the purpose of getting a Dr. in your team while you actually can get a MA who can heal AND make alot of more dmg? Essense Of Titans is one of the most powerfull team HP buff i know of.......i can't compare to that. It allso makes 20+ to str and stam??? wooot? I have to use Iron Circle AND a good team hp buff to compare to that. My team buff only lasts for 45 mins while essense lasts like 1:30 hours!!! Are they healers or am i?

    I'm not saying you should nerf them, just let it be like it is now. If you will get them more HP buffs or whatever i'll quit!!!

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    Arrow MA/ADV/DOC/Healing

    My take on this is that Docs should have the heals that have the greatest effect and are the most nano efficient. MAs and Advs should have heals that are fast, but for smaller amounts than the Doc and for lower nano efficiency. In terms of total effect, this should result in the Doc being able to heal more for less nano in a given time than the other two. Its then just a matter of juggling numbers so the MA and Asv are still effective as healers and the Doc is not a healing God (close though :-)

    As for team heals, the Docs should be superior to any other class by a fair margin. And maybe intruduce a Doc only field that prevents ALL damage (in and out mind!) whilst allowing the Doc to cast healing nanos. It should work much as other fields do, ie have short duration and lock its skill for 5 min or so.

    And on the subject of fields, they don't seem that effective, given they are short duration, with a long recharge, and have a high skill requirement in a skill whoose other uses seem limited (does parry actually work? as ther is no feedback to chat, I've no idea).

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    What do you think about having a thread focused on the profession before we start giving it lovin', so that we know we focus on what people want? Does that sound ok?
    This is a very, very good idea. Thanks for the update.

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