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Thread: Instead of the animated series...

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    Instead of the animated series...

    I realize creating those animated movies was not an easy task. I've dabbled a little in 3D animation and know how time consuming it can be. I suggest instead of the animated series, there be a "dark" comic telling the story (sorta like like the style in the "Sandman" comics). I know we've got the news reports to read to keep us updated but, I'd still like an ongoing story involving the main characters from the animated series to read as well. Whadda ya think?

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    I think a comic would be a great idea. Maybe even a Flash-animated cartoon, ala Spumco's Weekend ***** Hunt and The Goddamn George Liquor Show.

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    I quite agree. After spending a month to create The Helpers Movie, I think the animations are a bit overkill at this time for Funcom. I third that motion for a comic version instead.


    BTW, for those who don't know, The Helpers is a little 6 min animation that closes off The Helpers thread a while back.
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